Phil Mikkelson is playing some of the best golf of his career but he’s not winning any major tournaments.   His game always comes up short of the mark that is needed to win on tour.  Second, third, tenth are no problem for Phil, but sinking the final putt for a championship trophy is just something that no longer is happening for aging Phil.  He’s not even sure if he can make it to the U. S. Open this coming week. The plane schedule is bad for getting him to the first tee on time in this out of the way place on the map (Wisconsin), and if the plane is going to be late in arrival Phil would just as soon watch the action on his chrome box with me and a million others who are merely practiced observers and not legendary players of the gentleman’s sport.
Dustin Johnson mysteriously hurts his back before the Masters.
The majors are losing some of their prestige is how I would describe this sudden absence of the best players on the tour from high profile matches. Phil seems to be miffed about the location selected for this year’s open for some reason. I haven’t played there before, he matter-of-fact-ly states to an interviewer after this week’s play, and there is no opportunity for a practice round to get accustomed to the course layout before the tourney begins. Then he goes on to mumble something about he’s no longer accustomed to being in the lead, and absolutely not prepared for winning either. It is all such a big shock for him to be doing so well late in his career when others are floundering and driving their balls into hidden hazards of late. Does this make any sense at all? Who are these so called pros as Phil trying to fool?
Isn’t winning everything? Is Phil simply the old man on the course, who has no real chance of winning a major again, or is he simply attempting to psych out the other players, like pretty boy Sergio Garcia who tasted victory for the first time at the Masters, in discouraging them from adding the 2nd leg of the four majors for this season to their vastly improved resumes?  I just don’t get it!
I wouldn’t stand for it if I were Phil. I’d get my butt out on that course and give everybody a lesson about what true golf is!
I think Phil and Dustin and Justin are just happy to still be playing and not having to worry about how to spend all that loot from winning yet another major against a field of tough opposition. Let Ricky Fowler or one of the other up and rising wannabes on tour have this one. Nothing lost, just less autographs to sign for the fans. It can get very uncomfortable when a younger player shows you up, but not a problem if you just stay at home and grab a nice cool one out of the icebox and become a fat slob.
I commend them for not being over-eager to put their names in the record books alongside those of Nicklaus, Palmer and Player, but I don’t really understand the psychology behind it. Doesn’t anybody want to stop the likes of  guys like the Aussie from winning everything outright? Apparently Jason Day just needs one more trophy to add to his collection to take that fourth spot away from anyone else who is crazy to think they could be in that company of hallowed immortals. Phil and the other past winners can gather together all their green jackets and underwear to be dry cleaned and nobody will notice that they were from yester years and not current ones when they put them back on and prance around. Once a champion, always a champion! Who believes in that rhetoric anymore?
Dustin Johnson might still be the course favorite, but who is going to take him on and prove that they are still in the game to win rather than to merely settle for second or third place?  I guess we will all have to wait to find out at week’s end. Or it is time to tune out, ourselves, and wait for the next BIG minor tournament to happen, as we watch and wait for the second coming of Tiger to redeem the sad state of affairs. BTW, where does Tiger hide out when he’s not dosing on pain meds on the side of a road?  He sure isn’t coming to the course this week to hang out with the guys to regain his former self.  He’ll be one of those who are resting at home, like Phil and Dustin are likely to be doing, while the new breed figure out a way to steal yet another cup away from them.

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You got that all wrong, said Emmy Truong
Without the words, there ain’t no song;
Without a melody, it’s just a clanging gong
What you need is what I have got strong!
Prose is not something to sniff at with your nose. Sentences that are long do belong in every piece of composition that has a beginning and a close. I leave it there, because you make me want to rhyme when I only wish to repine. There I’ve said it, don’t despair! Take your lumps and your grump, and get out of here.


It’s the ghost writer in you that talks about mending fences after the horses have already left the corral. You’re still in riding mode due to pretences that you have allowed yourself to become saddled with. You need to loosen the reins on your imagination in order to be carried away by the geese overhead who are flying towards the sinking of the light. If you can’t write what you have wrong, then don’t expect me to edit it with precise and credible diction. Your friend, the Inkpot

mother was a goose

I once knew a scholar who sat in the bower of his own lofty tower thinking on the morrow and what he might borrow from the tax on all his sorrow.
Pigeons they fly, he reasoned with a sigh, and so will I before I die.
He tied feathers to his arms, took flight for a star, and fell in the moat.
I wish I had a boat now, he exclaimed. A quack acquiesced with a duck!
6-9-2017 dal
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Summer’s not here, and neither am I
Where you heard a voice speak in rhyme
It was someone else, not myself this time.
Winter’s begun, and the snows lie deep
Bare elms and time now slip out of mind
Your song bird has left shrill notes behind.
Something was said that made you sigh
Nothing more than words that bleed the soul,
Go now to find somewhere to dig a hole.
6-9-2017 dal
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An Elegy for Emmy Truong who still lives
One September day you laughed at me
Told me that November was soon approaching
I gazed into your sunshine reflection
And saw that storm clouds were gathering.
Come with me to live in Paris, I sighed
You jumped naked out of the pool in shiver
I can’t be with you anymore, old friend
I’ve given my cold heart to December!
I’d give you flowers and your heart’s desire
If you’d only say you’ll stay a little longer
But a bird must fly, as wings are known to
I’ll see you next in April’s heavy shower.
6-9-2017 dal

April would be happier for me

If I were planted out in fair garden
I’d be watered by rain, and touched by sun
A silly daffodil or a crocus gay,
Reaching out for a glimpse of May!
If I were a bird with feathered wing
I’d not park among the lowly thing
My song would fill the air and be everywhere!
Freedom is reborn in the Spring.
6-9-2017 dal
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I joined this facebook group for a few days called Practical Metaphysics.  I would term the goings on as progressive thinking, but there are always of course the way out ideas expressed, and the persons who offer them sometimes seem a bit aloof.  We call these sort of outlooks by names such as Wicca, etc.  It is impossible to totally feel comfortable in such an environment and the urge is to attempt to convert the other person(s) to your ways of thinking.  Nothing wrong with that approach as long as everyone taking part has equal status.

Suddenly one person posted a message questioning that others were not doing anything for God.   Not taking a stand.   I assumed that the person was a Christian, but probably not a very mature one.  I found myself the only poster who was able to give her a constructive reply.  Everyone else was being nice about it, but saying things like we’re all different and we shouldn’t judge each other but just try to get along, and that sort of sentimentality that is always used to combat our perceived foe traditionally.  We try to befriend them and make them less hostile towards ourselves.

My response was Biblical based, and not of my own opinions.  That makes a big difference.  It sets you apart from those who are merely looking for an easy answer  but have no real basis for their conclusions and good wishes for the other person despite their belligerence.  And so the argument continues comment after comment among the responses in a circular manner with everyone getting their licks in instead of becoming a closed issue that has been resolved in some way, either Christian or Judaic or pagan, whatever best suits the particular problem, if there is one.

So how did I respond?  What was the knowledge that I employed to get a clearer vision of the situation of being accused of not being Christian in purpose, or the perceived view by  some persons that Christians don’t do anything, but are simply brainwashed by the ideology of an organized religion.

The concept that God is resting is what I used out of the book of Genesis.  The implication is that we should also be resting. Our job is not to rush about and find ways to fix all of the problems in the world, but to rest in the knowledge that God is in control, that things are moving in an orderly fashion towards the preset goals that He has made, and not our own ambitions or plans for the future.   Yes, the spirit can convict of something we have left undone or ignored, but that’s not what makes us Christians.  Love is at the heart of our relationships with each other.  When we lose sight of this, then all the arguments begin to crop in and we lose our sense of charity for others.

When I had this revelation it seemed like my purpose for being in the group had vanished.  I made my statement and it seemed like the right time to move on.   Whether the people there accepted or rejected my counsel made no difference.

In these sort of situations you instinctively know what you’re up against, and you have to decide if the conversations you are having are accomplishing anything.   It takes practice.  The thing is to not back down, to be sure of your stance, and deliver it  with confidence.   Resting, not wrestling, is how you deal with other persons who are becoming combative.  People desire a mind satisfying answer to their questions.  If you can provide one to them, then you have no reason to be apologetic or defensive about your position.  Christians are not jelly fish, but in being timid it shows that you are lacking a back bone.

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Christianity began as a philosophy.   The Apostle Paul was a Platonist.  He was more inspired by Philo and Dionysius than by Moses and the prophets of the Old Testament.

At some point Paul discerned that Christian philosophy must become a religion in order to compete with the other religions of the day.  Then began the process of suppressing his earlier works and creating a mythos of Christ’s death on the cross.

It is not for me to say whether or not Christ died on a cross, but this is what Christians are taught to believe in.  This is what will save you.  This is what will get you into the Kingdom of God, if such a place exists.

The many Gospels of Christ’s life on earth got condensed into 4 major ones.  These stories were passed on from eyewitnesses, even though they managed to get some geographical errors into the accounts.

We now believe that the Gospels and epistles were written in places like Ephesus and Alexandria and had little to do with actual events in Palestine or Jerusalem.

The truths, which may not be truths at all, have been ingrained in the Christian consciousness.

How do we react to such a tradition?  With skepticism, or with unflinching belief?

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On any given Sunday in Christiandom you can hear a sermon on Christian sentimentality.   This is the belief that the Bible contains only a certain kind of knowledge, one of the greatest lies that has been perpetrated against Christians.

God said, You shall not eat, and everybody ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  You may have read that story in one of the Bible’s most scientific books called Genesis.  But will the churches tell what that science is?  No, they prefer a fairy tale existence where only the myths are accepted and the truths are covered up with fig leafs.

Just because you don’t see science in the Bible doesn’t mean that it is not there.

And yet, time and time again, the leaders of the church rail against such science.  We’ll have none of that, thank you, they roar to their congregational members and visitors.  If you want to be for God than first learn what God’s priorities are.

Ok, so we’ve been enlightened about the Gospel and the second coming.  Now what?

Absolutely nothing.  Life stops at the buck.  Fill up the church and stop pestering us about non-essentials like whether it floods or droughts anytime soon.  What have we learned from the Bible about such situations.   Apparently, nothing.  Nothing is said.

We have a lazy brain attitude by our clerics.  They think turning off our brains is a good thing.   That the ends justifies the means.

You generation of vipers!  Christ warned us about you.

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